Yet Angels Weep

We are taught that tears make us weak and 

we hide behind that illusion, stifling 

emotions, burying pain. 

We are more determined to feel a dry burn 

behind our eyelids than the softness of a 

tear that brings release. 

We are told that strength does not cry, yet 

angels weep. 


2 thoughts on “Yet Angels Weep

  1. Hey Rachel,
    A delight to read, these rich and sumptuous words serve to define your inner strength and courage. When blessed with a kind heart knowing the Love of angels one never walks alone or cries without being cradled in the sweetest embrace. And in that knowing, that gnosis of feeling, lies a strength more powerful than we could ever really know, and a source of bottomless Love that will never dry out or diminish. It is a home for always.
    Your work here is superb Rachel, your tenderness and tender touch is immediate and striking, your strength compelling and your imagery alluring. I thoroughly enjoy reading them all! The artwork as well is fabulous, highly expressive and married so well to your beautiful words. A truly delightful Blog, thank you πŸ™‚
    I am following your Blog and will be back for more from what is served on your banqueting table.
    Take care in all ways for always and in all ways always take care.
    Namaste πŸ™‚


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