Moon Ate The Dark

This was origionally posted on Brave and Reckless ~

Moon Ate The Dark

Earth Mother, heavy with stellar womb child, sky surrounds her, awaiting lucent celestial body. Stars weak with weight, each seeking lustre in shadows; planetary cry. 

Mountains weep at the impact, nature is afraid. Earth colliding; Moon is born. 

Cosmos wanderer, orb of the night, the wounds of Mother Earth, carried in his craters. Luminous, he aligns with Earth Goddess, Son to reflect, illuminate, recover. 

Orbiting, he executes shadows, softens the grief of his Mother’s trauma, creates rebirth. 

His gravitational pull, a calling, entrusted by universal bodies. His cold is her warmth; heir to all existence. 

Gaia once abandoned, united now with astronomical future in her cycle. Fear no longer entraps her, light is her intimate, child of the universe, Moon, ate the dark.


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