Little Fingers 

An entire fist of little fingers clasp themselves around my pinkie and I feel anything but small. 

Tiny peach face stares up at me, eyes wide with a wisdom I can’t voice, but I remember. I have known her. 

Little fingers press themselves against baby rose petal lips to quiet the deafening rage within my chest. I make no sound, but she hears the roar behind my ribcage. 

Two hands, smaller than robins, seize my cheeks and she speaks to me without sound. Blue eyes hold my gaze until all I can see is my own reflection staring back at me. She cups decades of fight in her palms. Sage glare. 

Little fingers trace my jawline, caressing Love into my skin. Oracle Soul hides behind Little Fingers and she is visible as anything but small. 

Little fingers won’t stay little but their touch leaves grown handprints on my insides. I have known her. 


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