It’s, For My Breath Of Fresh Air

They thought I would be bitter. They thought I was foolish to keep him close, to let her in.

I heard their voices, but my soul spoke louder and I chose to listen to that instead.

There isn’t a word to describe the relationship the first wife shares with the second. I know because i’ve spent a long time trying to define it.

When you’re a mother, a woman of substance, you put the children first. So I did. She reflected that need in an instant. 

It’s, i’m going to stand by this man even though our vows were broken. It’s, I see you as a part of him we waited for.

It’s more than friend, it’s not quite sister, it’s, I see you and your truth and i’m not here to crumble. 

It’s, I knew him, but you know him. It’s, you are a limb I didn’t know he needed, I, needed.

It’s, I see the beauty in your struggle, and i’m not wavering. 

It’s, I see the Love in your hearts and it brings me Peace.

It’s, our children need guidance; guide me. 

It’s, I don’t know your past but i’m building the future with you.

It’s, let’s bare children and raise them as blood brothers. 

It’s, here’s my heart, it’s all for you. 

It’s, witnessing a rainbow in the form of flesh and bone and a smile you never knew you missed.

It’s, this woman is my Breath of Fresh Air. 


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