I Will Overcome The Abuse

I have words to speak, but my tongue is

still numb from the flavour of your lies. 

I have a truth to tell, but i’m not sure 

whether to swallow it. 

Keep it buried where it’s 

always belonged. 

Who I really am, living in my


making a home behind my ribcage,

stifling my wings. 

I have a decade of stories, bursting behind

swollen lips and flustered cheeks, shame 

carried in my face.

I want to find my voice, but I think it got

buried beneath yours in my throat and I

can’t remember what I sound like. 

12 thoughts on “I Will Overcome The Abuse

  1. Very touching, you’d realized that what you’d experienced wasn’t love, but instead, it was, abuse, now, all you have to do, is to voice it all out in any expressive forms (writing, speaking up and out about it), and, after all of that badness gets out of you, then, you will, finally, begin, to heal, but, confrontation with the person who’d abused you will always hurt more than you will EVER be able to imagine it, and, there’s, NO way you’ll EVER be fully prepared, for how bad it will, hurt, but the thing about this final attempt to make the person see what s/he did to you was wrong, is that after that, you’ll be, ready, to start healing, and, you will, heal…

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